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The purpose of this regulation is to establish the conditions for the stay and service of customers in KUNE coffee shops.
The regulation applies to all customers who enter the coffeeshop and must comply with it without limits or reservations.
As lovers of specialty coffee, we want you to have a pleasant experience in any of the KUNE locations.

Customer: is any person who benefits from any service provided by KUNE:
Location: details about KUNE locations –
Povestea si Filosofia KUNE

Operating schedule: depending on the specifics of each location in the KUNE network:
Service: The average waiting time for an order is 20 minutes. This may vary depending on the number of customers waiting and the duration of preparation of the ordered dish;
Parking: KUNE does not assume responsibility for the cars in the parking lot and for the objects left inside them;

In order to be able to fulfill these objectives, in such a way that you come back to us with pleasure every time, please take into account and respect the following rules of internal order:

KUNE seeks to promote a safe environment free of discrimination, including sexual or gender-based discrimination, harassment, sexual violence, stalking, harassment or other related misconduct.

In addressing these issues the entire KUNE team must respect and be considerate of one another in a manner consistent with deep-rooted academic and community values. Prohibits a wide range of sex- and/or gender-based behaviors that may or may not be sexual, based on race, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, social class, beliefs, sexual orientation, age, disability, chronic non-communicable disease, infection HIV, political choice, wealth, belonging to a disadvantaged category, family situation or responsibility, membership or trade union activity or on any other criterion that has the purpose or effect of restricting, removing the recognition, use or exercise, under equal conditions, of recognized rights by law.

  • KUNE does not assume responsibility for any accident caused as a result of improper use of the equipment or non-compliance with this regulation and it is the customer's responsibility;
  • KUNE reserves the right to prohibit the use of laptops and tablets inside the locations during weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and legal holidays;
  • KUNE does not assume responsibility for any accident caused by improper supervision of children, it is the responsibility of the companion(s);
  • KUNE, in the managed premises, takes all legal measures to stop and or reduce the risks to which clients and employees may be exposed by violating and/or not complying with the internal order regulation, including the evacuation of people who may endanger other people;
  • KUNE recommends payment by credit/debit card;
  • KUNE recommends requesting information related to the products on the menu to increase knowledge about specialty coffee;
  • The consumption of food and drinks purchased from outside the location is prohibited;
  • Smoking and vaping (electronic cigarette - according to C.E. regulation) is prohibited in the location and in the other spaces of the location, with the exception of specially designed spaces, and where there are indicators to this effect; it is forbidden to throw cigarette butts in places other than trash cans or ashtrays and only after they have been extinguished beforehand. There are specially arranged spaces, both for smokers and non-smokers;
  • It is forbidden to introduce weapons, white weapons or substances prohibited by law into the location;
  • The consumption or sale of hallucinogenic or psychotropic substances is prohibited" they are punishable according to the laws in force.
  • KUNE does not sell alcohol to minors, until they reach the minimum legal age for alcohol consumption (18 years}, verifiable on the basis of a valid identity document;
  • KUNE mentions that all locations are equipped with video surveillance cameras, according to the legal norms in force.
  • It is forbidden to photograph or film with professional equipment, within the location without the consent of the duty manager.
  • KUNE reserves the right to deny access to a customer and may be revoked in situations of disruption to other customers, to the activity of the premises or in case of violation of rules of conduct and decency, of legal provisions (eg: consumption of prohibited substances, smoking cigarettes and cigarettes, other than electronic ones, indoors, etc.)
  • KUNE encourages people with disabilities to turn to employees for special assistance;

KUNE can deny access to customers in the following situations:

  • one or more of the above rules are not respected
  • the location has reached the maximum capacity of people, according to the operating authorization and the legislation in force
  • in the event of special situations that may affect the safety, image and/or well-being of customers and staff

Customers have the obligation to:

  • not to take any object from the location and/or that does not belong to them when leaving;
  • to pay the value of the order;
  • not to damage the objects of the location, otherwise they owe to KUNE the amount equal to the value of the damaged object and the related work;
  • to be respectful to the KUNE staff and to use a civilized tone and language
  • to respect the marketing campaigns carried out by KUNE
  • to keep the space they use clean
  • not to enter areas with restricted access for customers
  • not to leave children unattended;
  • to announce as quickly as possible any malfunction of equipment or installations;
  • to respect and keep peace in the location, to respect other people;